EZpill® helps your patients with complex medications

  • 60% of patients don’t understand or forget their doctor’s directions
  • Only 7% of patients feel confident when sorting their own medications
  • EZpill® helps increase your quality of care by ensuring your patients take their medications exactly as you prescribe

Who is the ideal candidate for EZpiII®?

Patients who take multiple medications per day
Elderly patients with chronic conditions
Patients living with complex chronic conditions
Patients with cognitive difficulties

Increase your star rating with happy and healthy patients

  • Make it easier for your patients to keep track of their medications
  • Ensure the quality of care extends beyond your office
  • Increase the quality of care and add value to your practice


Educate your patients

  • Identify patients who need EZpill® the most
  • Recommend EZpill® to your patients
  • Promote better care

Prescribe EZpill®

  • Send prescriptions to any participating pharmacy
  • Make a note “DISPENSE IN EZpill®
  • Please another happy, healthy patient!

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